What’s Good for the View is Bad for the Writing?

The view from here is wildly different throughout the seasons. In the winter my view can be a little bleak outside, but inside it’s cozy writing time.

During the “50 shades of grey” winters in Montana, I’ve written the bulk of my novels (four already out and 2 patiently waiting for revisions).

But in July, I live in Eden…

It’s lush and gorgeous here, and my view includes ripe strawberries and so many kinds of basil that it’s clear I need a 12 step program for bruschetta addiction (I do!)

But writing in July? Not so much…

I remind myself that fall will come soon enough, too soon this far north. And when it does, I’ll write more and be glad I spent the short summer season enjoying the view and the basil.

Happy July & Happy Reading!


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