Inspiring Places

Inspiring places.

I find mine in the ordinary places of life.  Since my almost four year old great grandson wanted to touch my droopy neck and said, it’s fluffy, I have never looked at an older person the same again.  Folks with necks sagging a little, usually have bright eyes tucked within those crinkles.  I see a life that has learned and now holds insight.  My characters have grown with lighthearted wisdom.  Another unexpected inspiring place was a birthday movie date with my middle-age daughter.  She chose THE LONE RANGER.  Good grief.  I found a hero in the midst our chuckles over mayhem on the big screen.  I need to have my characters show more humor over nonsense.   As I write this, I am caring for a little dog named Sammy.  He has waited patiently by the back gate for hours for the love of his life to come back and take him home.  How many of us do the same?  My characters will now assume a more caring nature.  Or, how about a wide leaf hosta lily riddled by hail.  The plant is full of holes but still blooming.  A new dimension for characters.   Yes, my inspiring places are in my home and I find a new one most every day.

Marie F. Martin

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2 thoughts on “Inspiring Places

  1. Good reminders, Marie. In his book, Home, Witold Rybczynski writes, “To speak of domesticity is to describe a set of felt emotions, not a single attribute. Domesticity has to do with family, intimacy, and a devotion to the home, as well as with a sense of the house as embodying–not only harboring–these sentiments.”

    • I love this quote. To me, it speaks of an older person, one who has lived and loved in the same abode for years. Of course moving to a different home can invigorate too. However, I am past the age of needing vigor so I will stick to my spot on the earth and look for small things to enjoy.

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