Inspiration…Where Do I Find It?

 by patti dean

Patti Glacier

“…an extraordinary elevation of the imagination or other powers of the soul” – that is the closest I can come to describing ‘inspiration’.  It comes in fleeting moments or minutes of intense revelation.  If I stay in the moment I am able to capture its essence. If I can’t, it is lost to pen or pencil.  It may be revealed as joy on the face of a child or sorrow on the face of an adult. It comes in remembering the smell of the sea in Ireland – the waves crashing on the rocks and cliffs, fruitlessly trying to climb them. There are times inspiration comes from a kind gesture from a stranger expecting nothing in return or a lingering look from a loved one accepting me as I am.  Inspiration came recently from flames…flames painted on a motorcycle giving off the illusion that they were moving due of the phenomena of heat – moving long after the rider has disembarked…and never seeing those flames again as they became real and engulfed the rider.

Nature frequently reveals inspiration in a garden full of beautiful flowers with my dog nestled in the middle or the willows letting their branches sweep the water in a nearby creek.

…And the biggest inspiration of all comes from living life on life’s terms, knowing I am living it well and following my path that the Source of all my power has intended me to follow.


One thought on “Inspiration…Where Do I Find It?

  1. I especially like your line about the waves fruitlessly trying to climb the Irish cliffs. So many poets and writers have been inspired by the sea. Right now I’m thinking of Matthew Arnold’s Dover Beach.

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