The Garden of Readin’

I’ve been thinking a lot about reading. Probably because it’s summer, and that dream of time on a beach with a book has been squashed by teenagers home and lots of visitors. Not that I don’t love my girls and my guests! It’s just that I need a certain amount of reading time, or I get cranky.

Last weekend I was the guest, visiting my best friend from college for the Sweet Pea Arts Festival in Bozeman, Montana. Our families have fun together, and it’s always a great time. This time, though, I managed a quiet hour in her beautiful garden… reading! (Until my husband returned from fishing and caught a photo of me in addition to the fish.)

In the garden of readin'

I needed to take that break, but reading there in my dear friend’s garden, made it even better. Since I’ve missed the Montana Women Writers discussion about sacred places, I will say with all my heart that Katy’s yard has always been a calm, gentle haven for me. And the place made the reading all that much better.

I wonder if it’s the same for you. That it’s not always what you read, but where, that makes the experience that much better.

Where are you reading (or longing to read!) this summer?


Happy Reading!


Kathy Dunnehoff

2 thoughts on “The Garden of Readin’

  1. The hammock looks delicious! My book launch has kept me too busy to read the last few weeks, and doubly cruel, I’ve also been visiting bookstores and adding to my stacks! Soon — following your example, soon….

  2. I count on winter to help me “catch up” on reading. The stacks and the titles on my Kindle grow until those long winter’s nights!

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