Courting the Muse

Christine Schimpff-Carbo

Inspiration can be elusive, but necessary at times for endeavors in the arts. And especially for a writer. No matter how good we are at sitting our butts down at our desks and computers and making that writing date happen, there are times when inspiration is needed to infuse what we’re doing with life and energy.
I missed the discussion on sacred places, but for me, it’s more than place that inspires; it’s the doing within the place that often energizes and gets my brain going. I came up with my idea for the first novel I wrote while driving to Seattle, the scenery of the mountains and the eastern plains of Washington flashing by. I was inspired to write my second novel while simply jogging on a county road near the Flathead River. For my third, my first mystery, I came up with the beginnings of my plot while biking around Whitefish Lake to rehabilitate my knee after two surgeries. My fourth, yet to be written, is currently being plotted from the spark fanned by lots of reading whenever I can fit it in. Other writers’ works of creation are fueling my fire.

The following are just a few of my top ways to lure the muse when I’m in need of inspiration:


1. Reading. Books, blogs, magazines, newspapers… Biking around Whitefish Lake

2. Exercising. Walking, hiking, jogging, biking or whatever else energizes and gets the blood flowing.

3. Visiting with other writers who are excited about their projects.

4. Going to a good movie and challenging myself to create characters just as interesting and with just as many roadblocks.

5. Surfing the net with the intent of looking for interesting ideas.

6. Visiting museums or craft shows and being in awe of all the other creative mediums.
My muse seems to be fickle, but if I can keep myself energized and entertained, she seems to come more often.
Here’s to keeping your muse visiting frequently!
Christine Schimpff-Carbo

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