One or ten or one hundred influential books…

ImageAnn Minnett

MWW agreed to blog about the book(s) that impacted our lives. I had a hunch that the task would be difficult. Then I sat down to write something and found it impossible. I’ve never been a rebellious person. I usually fulfill my responsibilities and then do as I please on my own time. Not today. I can’t single out one or ten or one hundred most influential books.

I’ll tell you that in the past year I’ve read two novels that touched me deeply: Kent Haruf’s Bendiction and Peter Heller’s Dog Stars. I cried through both (a good thing), read faster to see what happened next, yet didn’t want either to end. One is about an old man’s death in a small town and the other about post-apocalyptic Colorado. So how could I love such diverse novels equally… Sparse, poetic style. Enduring hope of the human spirit. Beauty found in the tiniest moment.

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