My Montana Roots


Karen Wills

     I’m Montana born and, partly, bred. I spent summers with my grandparents and aunt and uncle swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, exploring, and experiencing first love. In 1960, my parents bought land near Glacier National Park for their retirement years. Dad’s health interfered, but eventually, Mom and I built a vacation cabin.

    In my 47th year, to paraphrase Dante, I came to a dark forest. A long relationship ended, my kids moved out to start college, and my law partner decided to work at a bank. I moved to the cabin to write. It became one of the best times of my life as I also explored Glacier and gained knowledge of wildlife, both plant and animal. During the next years, I joined Authors of the Flathead, the most supportive writers group ever. I’ve been published, found true love, still hike many trails, and realize how deep my roots go in Montana, pretty much down to the earth’s core. Montana was my first best place, and will surely be my last, and most inspiring. My next novel, River with no Bridge, is set in Butte, Helena, and on the beautiful North Fork of the Flathead River. Montana is infinitely rich in nature, history, and artistic creativity.

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