Small Blessings Count


Another Thanksgiving season has arrived and as I reflect on this year so far, I have to admit, it’s been a rough year for both family members and close friends. Too many accidents, too many illnesses, too many days filled with anxiety and frustration. Yet, as I did a mental review of months past, I realized the list of blessings is far longer than the list of negatives, which frankly surprised me. It dawned on me that the amount of time we spend celebrating a blessing is often so much shorter than the quantity of time and energy we give to dwelling on a difficulty. Is this where attitude seeps in and pushes gratitude down into the recesses of our conciseness? Can this “habit” or tendency be reversed? Yes. Definitely.

Recently, I found a new power tool that helps remind me of that goal – a white dry eraser board. In the past, I had notebooks that I wrote weekly tasks and goals in and tucked into a drawer. But more often than not, I’d forget to write in it for a few days or to check my lists until finally I’d get so far behind, I’d toss it. I’m a visual person, so that old saw “Out of sight, out of mind,” really applies to me. My eraser board is right on my wall, next to the light switch and I walk by it dozens of times each day. Every Sunday evening, I write down what I need to do the coming week, where I have to go, who I need to call, and when and why an item needs to be finished. It’s my who, what, where, when, why whiteboard that brings a modicum of organization to my sometimes chaotic life. Plus, as I mark off each item, I give myself an imaginary pat on the back for having accomplished that task, and that gives me the momentum to tackle the next item on my little board.

So as I am reflecting on all the big things I am thankful for like family, friends (human and canine), and the joys of living in this wondrous land called Montana, I want also to be appreciative of the smaller blessings in my life. The last bloom in the flowerbox for example, or the wild turkeys watching me through the kitchen window, and even the little white board that shows me what I’ve done so far this week, and makes me ask, “Now, what’s next?”

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and thanks for stopping by.


by Deborah Epperson


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