Best Mousetrap Ever

Ann Minnett MWW photoBy Ann Minnett

Hands down, the best gift I ever received was a mousetrap built by JD, my three-year-old son. His preschool teacher allowed him to work on his masterpiece all morning long, and when I arrived to pick him up, both JD and Ms. Johnson were triumphant in his accomplishment.



A Sylvester the Cat sticker once adorned the front flap “to scare the mouse” into the box. The hinged door would drop and trap the mice. It could hold a lot of them.

The sticker rubbed off decades ago, but I’ve displayed JD’s mousetrap as an object of art for thirty-five years. It’s my favorite thing.

3 thoughts on “Best Mousetrap Ever

  1. Adore this story! Kinda’ reminds me of the time our five year old son created a cat trap–our rarely used detached garage–and for two days, caught and imprisoned neighborhood cats. Imagine his astonished disappointment with our reaction….

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