The Greatest Gifts

Author: Betty Kuffel

Wag Park (Small)My greatest gift is Jenna. I must backtrack a little because had I not survived a plane crash I wouldn’t have had the thrill of meeting my granddaughter. I couldn’t have one without the other, so I have two best gifts. But then, I have to add my son and his wife to the list, and my loving husband, my sisters, family and friends. Material things take on little importance when I consider the good fortune and joy in my life come from the people I know.

Having a good start with loving parents and family, then finding Tom, all add to the mix. During difficult times recovering from crash injuries, my friends and family provided amazing support. They even found my wonderful dog lost in the mountains after surviving the crash. She is my constant companion and another treasure. At Kennedy-Shaw Winery cropped

Years later when diagnosed with breast cancer, I felt like a bolt of lightening struck — a lot like the plane crash. Unable to leave home and isolated because of immune suppression from chemotherapy, one day I answered the door bell. I found the street lined with cars and my front yard filled with people. A dear neighbor had organized a large party of friends from work and the neighborhood to visit me. It was like Christmas carolers in September. Jenna came to visit, too. She brought me strength and had words of encouragement, “Gramma, be brave. I love you.”

2 thoughts on “The Greatest Gifts

  1. What a heartfelt and beautiful story, Betty!! Granddaughter is so pretty and they are so much fun. You and Tom are such wonderful grandparents, I’m sure–and Valkyrie just completes the whole picture! Thank you for sharing this most precious story!!!

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