Noisy Cabin Fever

Cabin fever is the common name for the months of January and February.  For me, I dwell in the quiet months by making them noisy.  When snow covers the sidewalks and the sun is dimmed by overcast, enhance them by scraping a shovel and switching on a light.  A book by Tara French will dispel any gloom by transporting you to the Irish country side to read about the clash of murder and mayhem Celtic style.  Or grab a friend and hit the movie theater for a matinee and a bag of buttered popcorn.  The long afternoon is applauded by an unreal world on the big screen and munching on kernels.  For a writer, midwinter is a time of exuberance, where words flow in the darkness of morning and of evening.  Make noise, clatter about, and sing aloud.  Soon the crocus, daffodils and tulips will bloom again, and then in the heat of the summer, we will sit quietly in the cool shade.  Which sounds better to you?




Have a noisy, joyful winter,

Marie F Martin

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