Montana Winters


When the winter moon is cold and daylight hours are few, some people dread the darkness and storms of DSCF8095winter. Wintertime blues can be Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with symptoms of true depression, but the good news is, bright lights and activity help.

Years in Alaska taught us to savor short daylight hours and enjoy outdoor sports and nocturnal gatherings with friends, establishing friendships lasting over 40 years. We learned to snowshoe, cross-country ski, race sled dogs, snow camp and dog skijor.

DSCF8112 (Medium)Today, I am not as inclined to snow camp but enjoying our area’s beauty and wildlife boosts my mood andDSCF9097 (Medium) stimulates my writing. Breaks to photograph a dozen different bird species and laugh at feral cats interacting with little deer are common happenings. We have learned to make wine, bake bread, enjoy family and realize Montana is a wonderful place to live, write and laugh with friends.

Ina, Dennis, MicheleEnjoy winter!

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