March Madness

March Madness is the theme for our first-week blog this month. Such a juicy topic. How many mishaps will be confessed? Mine was a simple piece of idiocy. I stopped by the eye clinic to pick up my new glasses and wore them when I left. After pulling into traffic, I decided I should not be driving with the new glasses. Things looked a little wavy. I took them off and laid them on top of my purse and made it home just fine. When I pulled into the garage, my cocker spaniel(Katy Lou) jumped into the front seat before I could grab my glasses and one of her big paws lit right on the glasses and broke the temple from the lens. Wauk! Good grief. My brand new $465 glasses were injured. I put Katy in the house and drove back down to the clinic, and they figured they could reset the temple. Couple hours later I picked them up. Katy is very thankful that they are as good as new, and no charge. Wow, what more will this month hold?
Katy She is a picture of innocence. Marie F Martin

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