Excerpts from JJ McBride Wildcatter



Buck Buchanan entered the office of JJ McBride on the eighteenth floor of Kingsley, Foley and Smart Oil Producers in downtown Dallas, Texas. He stood imposingly in the door frame all six-foot-eight of his strong body. He was well dressed, wearing a beautiful brown summer silk sport coat and khaki pants. JJ looked up and got a shock seeing this big beautiful man taking up the entire door. She could hardly finish her phone conversation as she was so flustered.

When she hung up she said, “Buck Buchanan, what are you doing here?”

She came from around her desk to greet him. She was five-foot-eight, and he towered over her. He grabbed her up in his arms, giving her a kiss. It had been so long, but he seemed too irresistible and she kissed him back.  They were in the throes of passion when a man appeared at the door.

He said, “What do you think you’re doing with my future wife?”

Buck turned, looked at him while still kissing JJ, and slammed the door shut with his foot. He had waited over two long years for her and wasn’t going to wait a second longer.

JJ came to her senses shortly and said, “Put me down, Buck.”

He did so, he wasn’t a brute and then the door was forced open. The small man next to Buck seemed rather nondescript said again, “What are you doing with my wife?”

Buck rubbed his shiny bald head and said, “JJ, is not your wife, she is mine. Isn’t that right, JJ, honey?”

By Marlette Bess

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