Multicolored Tulips by Kat

Coloring Your Life

A long white winter has given way to brighter days. Spring is an energizing time for many people but if you need a boost to accomplish what you set out to do each day, consider adding more light and color to your life. Sunny days pop flowers from the ground and can brighten moods. But with little effort, you can revolutionize your favorite work space with light and color. If you are a writer, shifting the energy of your writing space with the addition of a few feng shui concepts may help you write the next great novel.

Many offices have poor lighting. The simple addition of a new bright lamp or clearing windows of obstructing shades is a start. Complementary color choices can add energy. How about a touch the Chinese color of luck and happiness? With red you add the hot energy of arousal and passion. A caution though, too much red can be over stimulating — but for romance authors, red may be a great choice.

Fen shui is a complex theory utilizing five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Many internet sites are instructional. I was hooked after I saw fen shui put to use when I visited a professional woman in a windowless claustrophobic bathroom-sized office. After sitting with her a few moments, I realized she had changed the tiny cubicle into a living space of peace and light.

BambooA small bright green bamboo tree in planter with trickling water added life and a stress-reducing sound. The oceanIM003737 beach landscape on one wall added depth, pale yellow walls added brightness and strategically placed stones and crystals glinted with added brightness. Many more touches of color made the little room vibrant and comfortable.

I’m still working on feng shui concepts which include decluttering. I have a ways to go.
Have a colorful energized summer.


  1. Betty, Thanks for the nice thoughts. In looking around at my office, it is kind of cluttered and blah. Guess I’ll zip it up some. Nan

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