Excerpts from Lacey

A man came up and sat next to her saying, “A penny for your thoughts.”

She turned her head as her copper hair caught the light making it ablaze and said, “It will cost you a hell of a lot more than that!”

He said, “You must be Ms. Diamond. I’m Jake Milard.”

She smiled rather embarrassed, “I just thought you were trying to pick me up.”

She looked at this very handsome man as she extended her hand. He was six-foot-two brown hair and very sad velvet brown eyes. His beard was cropped short, which made his white teeth shined like pearls. They shook hands. He notices her handshake was firm and steady. She noticed his brown eyes that seemed to perk up.

He said, “Let’s get a table.”

He held out her chair and as she sat down. “You’re a very interesting woman and I wouldn’t mind picking you up.”

She responded, “Interesting is usually reserved for old maids and mothers.”

He blushed, “You’ve got me all wrong, interesting wasn’t the right word. How about mysterious, fascinating, intriguing and  you’re very interesting woman.”

Now she was the one blushing, “I get your point, Mr. Milard.”

“No, Dr. Milard.”

The waitress interrupted the word games.

Dr. Milard said, “Won’t you have a drink with me.”

He looked at the waitress and back at Lacey.

She smiled at him then turned to the waitress and said, “I would like a very, very dry martini with three olives.”

Dr. Milard said, “A Heinekens, please.”

She left them alone.

Lacey said, “Dr. Milard, how do you know me?”

He answered, “I don’t, but my sister went to Sacramento State University with you, Sarah Milard. She remembered you as fiery and determined so I tacked you down by calling the California Bar Association. Now Ms. Diamond you must call me, Jake if you’re to take my case.”

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