Author: Betty Kuffel, MD

A Grandmother’s Love

Of all the topics one could write about I thought writing about Mother’s Day and being a mother would be easy. In some ways it is. My son brought joy and seeing him succeed in life fulfilled my most important goal…producing a happy successful adult who treats others with respect, caring and equality. That is, until I became a grandmother. On that day, my world changed. Instead of living and loving, my family broadened and became even more important. I thought a mother’s love was the epitome, the top, the Everest of caring, but love for my grand daughter surpasses all.

When I thought I might die from breast cancer, my sadness was profound, but it was not loss of life, but loss of seeing her grow up. Before I started chemotherapy, my son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter arrived, along with my three sisters. Holding their hands, feeling their love and knowing they cared, gave me strength. My granddaughter brought me a necklace to wear throughout my treatment, a little image of her. I wore it close to my heart during that entire year. It gave me strength…but she is in my thoughts and in my heart every day.

jenna gramma nail polishGrandchildren make old people young again. You act silly, go on carnival rides that make you sick, swim when you’reP1010189 afraid of water, ice skate when your feet haven’t been in skates for 60 years, roll in the snow, go on cruises and even hold snakes. They help you through low spots and make you do all sorts of things you might not otherwise do. Life goes from sunshine to unbelievable meteor showers with just a smile and a hug!

P1010354jenna.snake 2Happy Mother’s Day to all who have experienced the love of a child.




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