June, the Wedding Month

Grandpa Yeats

By Marie F Martin

The month of June is classified as the wedding month.  I don’t know if my Grandpa Yeats was married to Ella Mae Gibson in the month of June, but the year was 1913.  They were married in Kalispell, Montana at the Christian Church that sits right behind the library on First Avenue East.  I never knew this grandmother.  She died when my mother was just three.  I love having this photo of them because I remember when Mom bought the frame with the curved glass.  A major expense for her at the time.  It now hangs in my dining room above a desk.
wedding gift
The picture of the bears was a wedding gift to my mother, Edith Yeats who married Clarence Connor September 28, 1937. On the back she has left a typed note saying that it is her last surviving Wedding gift. Her Uncle Will gave it to her.
note info

Now I am suppose to explain what these wedding pictures have to do with the month of June. There isn’t anything. Just was thinking of the bride who gave birth to my mom and sister and then died, never to know the girls. She has well over a hundred descendants. Her lineage is secure.

2 thoughts on “June, the Wedding Month

  1. These are such precious heirlooms. As young people we don’t understand the preciousness of connections to those whose DNA runs in our blood. It’s only as we grow older, and perhaps see our own offspring displaying recognisable character traits, that we appreciate the continuous flow of life we’re immersed in.

    • It is so true. I love watching each new generation in my family as they begin to learn and understand what their heritage is. My five-year-old great grandson is full of questions about his great grandpa who passed away two years ago. He is pondering and wondering and asking. -Thank for your comment. Marie

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