Best Laid (Wedding) Plans

One thing I’ve observed from my own and others’ experiences is that the wedding doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with how the marriage goes. Also, wedding plans, as well as marriages, may go awry.
I never believed that people actually are left at the altar, but it happened to my friend Sandra (not her real name). She was a reasonably independent rancher’s daughter who fell in love. She and her fiancé set the date. She picked out a white dress and veil. Flowers were ordered. The rehearsal dinner took place. Next morning she dressed and went to the church. The music started, and she and her father walked up the aisle. When she reached the altar, the groom wasn’t waiting for her any longer. Nor could he still be found in the building. Family mercifully led Sandra away. She went home and slept for three weeks straight while her sisters returned wedding presents.
When Sandra woke up, she was truly independent and the most intense feminist I’ve ever known, which is saying quite a bit. She still possessed common sense and a great sense of humor which saved her from bitterness. Six months later, the bolter called to apologize and she forgave him.
Sandra later married a wise career Air Force man who didn’t mind her living life on terms that meant going to college and keeping her own off base apartment. Their marriage took. They have grown children and a healthy relationship. One has to wonder what her life might have been if her first wedding had gone as planned.

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