Face Book and Granddaughter

business card (2)

This is a conversation on Facebook after I posted the picture of my new business card on my author’s FB page.  It is between my granddaughter, Susan, and a friend of hers named, Allison.

Allison: Awesome! Where can we get her books?

Susan: Grandma Marie Martin, where can friends order your books from? What about for people that don’t have a kindle?

Marie Martin: Amazon.com/books. Type in Maternal Harbor or Harbored Secrets or my name and that will get you to the sales pages and both paperbacks and kindle downloads are available to purchase. You can also go to http://www.mariefmartin.com and just click on the book covers. That will send you to the sales page on Amazon. Thanks for asking.

Susan: There you go Allison Ady! I need to get the 2nd one too. Thank you grandma!!! And AWESOME job! So proud of you!

Marie Martin: I’ll send the book to you with Jessie.

Allison: Awe! I will buy them tonight on my new Kindle! It will be my first purchase. After I read them I will give you my feedback! I looked them up and they look great!

Allison: Thank you!

Susan: Awe! Yay! Will you write me a note in it!! I love you!

Allison: Alright ladies! I just bought them both! I did it during the Bachelorette commercial.  I’m excited! I will start Maternal Harbor tonight. Thanks Susan for sharing. Love ya

Susan: You’ll like it!! Love you too!

Allison: Woot woot!

Allison: The kindle is the best invention ever…. Like ever!

Marie Martin: Allison and Sue, you girls make me feel very lucky.

Susan: You are very special and lucky grandma! I love and miss you!

What a special thing.  Facebook and granddaughters.

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