By Kathy Dunnehoff

I didn’t know I needed a dog, until I had one.

Last November, mostly at the urging of my daughters, I brought home a 6-week-old Yorkie. I vetoed a couple of names for the one I’d only had a chance to use on a character, Tally. It doesn’t mean much to anyone outside my family, but for us it’s a wonderful lake we love.

Tally, the dog not the lake, looked at me once and I became irrationally enamored…

Tally - ride home

(I know, right?!)





I thought the thrill of having her greet me at the door after a long absence (taking out the garbage or checking the mailbox, for example) would lessen over time. But it hasn’t…

Tally sitting over my arm
I’m sure a therapist could shed some light on the situation (and speaking of shedding, Yorkies don’t 🙂 Although the Montana Women Writers author Ann Minnett is a retired therapist, I believe, and her last post was about falling for her puppy!

At least I’m not alone in my nuttiness for a dog. My entire family is under this one’s spell, and when they’ve headed out to their days, it’s just Tally keeping me company in my office and I’m reminded…

Tally on lap on back

I didn’t know I needed a dog, until I had one. 

Happy Reading!


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A Puppy at My Age?

By Ann Minnett

Many of our group will be writing about pets this month. I have featured dogs in each of my three novels because having a dog is a quality of life issue.



Meet Boone to the Bone, our new Aussie. Who wouldn’t love this face? We sure do, and it’s a good thing, too. In the 25 years since we last had a puppy, a woman can forget their lightning speed and curiosity, not to mention needle puppy teeth. My thin-skinned arms look like I’ve been in a knife fight.

He could live 15 years. We did the math. Holy cow! He will keep us moving throughout the rest of his and our lives.

Face Book and Granddaughter

business card (2)

This is a conversation on Facebook after I posted the picture of my new business card on my author’s FB page.  It is between my granddaughter, Susan, and a friend of hers named, Allison.

Allison: Awesome! Where can we get her books?

Susan: Grandma Marie Martin, where can friends order your books from? What about for people that don’t have a kindle?

Marie Martin: Amazon.com/books. Type in Maternal Harbor or Harbored Secrets or my name and that will get you to the sales pages and both paperbacks and kindle downloads are available to purchase. You can also go to http://www.mariefmartin.com and just click on the book covers. That will send you to the sales page on Amazon. Thanks for asking.

Susan: There you go Allison Ady! I need to get the 2nd one too. Thank you grandma!!! And AWESOME job! So proud of you!

Marie Martin: I’ll send the book to you with Jessie.

Allison: Awe! I will buy them tonight on my new Kindle! It will be my first purchase. After I read them I will give you my feedback! I looked them up and they look great!

Allison: Thank you!

Susan: Awe! Yay! Will you write me a note in it!! I love you!

Allison: Alright ladies! I just bought them both! I did it during the Bachelorette commercial.  I’m excited! I will start Maternal Harbor tonight. Thanks Susan for sharing. Love ya

Susan: You’ll like it!! Love you too!

Allison: Woot woot!

Allison: The kindle is the best invention ever…. Like ever!

Marie Martin: Allison and Sue, you girls make me feel very lucky.

Susan: You are very special and lucky grandma! I love and miss you!

What a special thing.  Facebook and granddaughters.

August Book News

Congratulations to Leslie Budewitz and Gail Ranstrom! Readers of the Bigfork Eagle voted Leslie “Best Local Author” and Gail “Runner Up”!

Dates to remember:

August 10: National S’mores Day

August 14: Julia Child’s Birthday

And a few additions from us:



Join Leslie Budewitz at the Bigfork Festival of the Arts, in the village of Bigfork, on Sat-Sun, August 2-3, and at Huckleberry Days in Whitefish on August 8-10. She’ll chat mysteries and sign copies of her Agatha-Award winning first mystery, Death al Dente, and her new release, already a national bestseller, Crime Rib.




Book News by Marlette Bess


The Real Christian Grey (Conversations between Christian Grey and Dr. John Flynn) was submitted to www.fanfiction.net at the end of June. Since that time I have posted two more installments with more to come. I’ve had people from around the world read my work and also have nearly forty active followers. Please read my August blog about my experiences in navigating the fan fiction website and the benefit of feedback I’ve received.


From Ann Minnett:

Burden of Breath Cover - MinnettBurden of Breath will be offered as a free download on Amazon August 6th & 7th. Check out my 4.3 average stars in 142 reviews!





Look for my second novel, Serita’s Shelf Life, to be released in late August 2014. More info on http://www.facebook.com/annminnettwriter or http://annminnett.blogspot.com.

FINAL TURQUOISE FONT COVER“Serita has gone off her medications for bipolar disorder to become a more interesting person and find love.”