Beta Readers

Scattered Work

Scattered Work

Beta readers are folks who help a struggling writer make sense of their manuscripts.  They spend their time, hours of it, reading and editing.  Their pay is none.   Webster’s Dictionary defines the word beta as 1. name of the second letter of the alphabet 2. the second of a group or series 3. the second brightest star in each constellation.   Wow.  I have 5 beta readers for my new story, Ratham Creek. So far I have received two back and they are spread across my dining room table and I am slowly, page by page seeing what my peers think of my story.  I feel humble and blessed.  They like it.  However that does not mean there isn’t any red marks on almost each page which I had thought was just fine and dandy.  Yikes.  I like and approve of every single suggestion and know the story will only improve.  Thank you beta readers.  You are a gift of unmatchable value. And, yes, you are all a bright star.                                                                                          red ink (2)business card (2)


Marie F Martin





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