The Storyteller Doll

By Ann Minnett

My sister, Ginny Merett, is an artist. I can’t describe all the media in which she works, but my favorites are her watercolors and haunting collages. Here is something fun she made for me when I got serious about writing. The Storyteller doll is holding two babies, recounting her tale. I keep it on my desk as a reminder that I am a storyteller and how lovely it is to have a sister, talented or otherwise.


The Storyteller has held my business cards, interestingly shaped rocks from a hike, you name it. For the past few weeks she’s displayed this “Never Apologize for Your Art” pin. When I begin to censor an authentic thought or expression while writing, The Storyteller’s message keeps me on my path.

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Burden of Breath Cover - Minnett




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You’re Never Too Old for Halloween!

Halloween 1984 (2)By Kathy Dunnehoff


I have always loved dressing up for Halloween. That’s not unusual for a kid, when I went as a teddy bear or Pippy Longstocking with wires in my braids to get them to curl upright. But when it comes to Halloween, I just never got over it.

In college I would pull a costume together at a thrift store in no time. The photo on the left is Halloween 1984 when I found a pair of white go-go boots and went out dancing looking like an extra on Laugh-In. The next year? A toga. The next year? Marlo Thomas on That Girl.

As an adult I’ve worn chicken bones in my hair, a mud mask on my face, and taken my children trick or treating as a “cave mom.”

The surprise to me is that my husband is now on board. Several years ago he donned a disco wig and leather pants, so I countered with a blonde Hannah Montana wig and pleather pants left over from an 80’s party, and we embarrassed our daughters by going door to door in our neighborhood.

halloween 2010 (2)The next years…

Morticia & Gomez Adams from The Adams Family

Morticia & Gomez Adams from The Adams Family

Ozzie & Harriet (But the Ozzie is heavy metal Ozzie Osbourne :)

Ozzie & Harriet (But the Ozzie is heavy metal Ozzie Osbourne 🙂








The question for this year… What theme can I come up with that allows me to dress up the dog too?

When I figure it out, I’ll post photos on my FB page… facebookHappy Reading & Happy Halloween!


My Favorite Month


October is my favorite month of the year. The air is crisp. The leaves are dressed in their beautiful autumn attire. There’s a rush to get those last summer projects completed and get everything “winterized.” It’s time to pull out that favorite oversized sweater or hoodie—the one you live in all winter long. You overhear the terms “witch” or “old hag” and assume it’s a reference to costumes and not a monstrous comment on some poor soul’s personality. Costco puts sinfully delicious pumpkin pies on sale and like the wicked witch calling to Dorothy, the pies beckon you, “Come here, my pretty.”

There are also those “aw-shucks” moments when realizations of projects left undone haunt our psyche. We never made that trip to Glacier, those fishing rods we bought in June have never touched the water, and the new fire pit doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance of getting finished this year.

But just wait until next spring, we promise ourselves. In the meantime, we console ourselves with the knowledge that October brings Halloween and Halloween brings both the best chocolate sales of the year and the first dusting of snow. Sipping a cup of hot chocolate as you watch the first snow of the new season fall softly outside your window is a combination that will sooth the souls of even the most frightful little ghouls and goblins.

Happy haunting and thanks for stopping by,


Reading to Cats

By Ann Minnett

reading to catAn animal shelter in Berks County, Pennsylvania is helping young students improve their reading skills by reading to cats. Yes, cats!

The story appeared on and received a lot of attention on FaceBook. This program provides good reading practice for the children and wonderful company for the animals awaiting adoption. But so much more goes on when someone reads to another (human or animal).

The social/emotional connection affects both partners. We touch, exchange facial expressions, and generally communicate below the level of the words on the page. Most parents know the importance of reading to an child even before she can speak. The child learns language to the extent she hears language, but when parents cuddle a child to read, they are bonding and sharing so much more. Apparently those benefits extend to other living creatures.

Loves to Read.

Loves to read

Loves to read

The picture is a selfie a young gal I know who loves to read.  It amazes me with all the television and internet that reading books is still very much alive and well.

Soon snow will cover the lawn where she sits and Halloween will be the first of the fall and winter holidays, but I am confident she will find a warm spot, break open the pages of a book and slip away into the words of the writer.