Played Forward with Memories

gunnar fish (2)A tale of fishermen. On my refrigerator hangs a picture of my great grandson holding up his first fish caught all by himself. The proud happiness gleams from the pinch of his fingers. This is a pay it forward version of family fun. The stories range from whoppers to minnows, but the love of fishing is paramount and passes from generation to generation. The peace and blessing I receive at looking at this fish picture is payback for the many fishing lines I have untangled, the many disputes over who gets what rod or who stands on what rock that I have settled. And for the skinny, white, hidden bones I have picked from fried trout. Not to mention the hours spent boning and canning smoked sockeye salmon. This picture brings me joy.  So do the others. Hope you have time to go fishing.  Marie

my son's biggest fish

my son’s biggest fish

He is still fishing

He is still fishing

Montana Rainbow

Montana Rainbow


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