December Book News

If you’re like us, you’re sitting there thinking “December already? Where did this year go?” We hope it’s been a great one for you, and that you’ve spent a good chunk of it reading! 

Detroit (2) Detroit LFLOur Cindy Dyson, an Alaskan writer in exile in Montana, created a project to establish two Little Free Libraries in Detroit, featuring writers from Alaska and Montana. Through the generosity of donors, construction of both Libraries was funded, and through the generosity of writers, both have been fully stocked. We’re honored to participate, helping make literacy a part of the daily fabric of one of America’s great cities. Montana Women Writers who donated books include Ann Minnett, author of Burden of Breath and Serita’s Shelf Life, Karen Wills, author of Remarkable Silence, Deborah Epperson, author of Breaking Twig, and Marie Martin, who contributed her books Maternal Harbor, Harbored Secrets, and her newest, Ratham Creek.

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