A Hard Question To answer.

By Marie F Martin

The world of publishing a manuscript is a frightening place.  I received this note on Good Reads as a question under one of my books.  My heart goes out to the writer.  I copied the exact words of the question and my answer.

My first book was butchered by the publisher. overly and grossly edited. what should I do? re-publish it again? give me good advice.  I have a finished manuscript but I am afraid to go to the so called publishers. 

Hi reader, (I am not using the name) I just found your question on Good Reads. Sorry it is 9 days after your question. I would need to know a little more about your book. My best advice would be to really think about what the publisher who edited your work said. Did he offer to publish if you make the changes? If so, this is your best bet to get it published. Sometimes we are so close to our own work that we become protective of it and don’t want to rewrite. My books have been rewritten over and over again until, finally, they make a crafted, readable story. You are in one of the elite places. Not many people get their stories read by a publisher, and I would hate for you to miss this opportunity. Set it aside for a few more days, then get your edited story out and see if you can rewrite it in a way that would satisfy the publisher.

Now, I am worrying if I answered in a positive way.  It is so hard to know how to give advice to potential authors’ questions.

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4 thoughts on “A Hard Question To answer.

  1. Mari, I think you answered a difficult question with good insight. The author could also find an independent editor and pay that person to edit. Nan

  2. I liked your answer to this reader’s question. You laid it out in a positive way. And you are right, this reader is very fortunate to have gotten as far as getting a publisher’s comments and should heed them if at all possible.

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