April Foolishness – P.A. Moore

Today, April 4th, we planned to rise at 5:45 so we could glimpse the shortest lunar eclipse in a century, a blood moon lasting 4 minutes and 37 seconds. Yet when we awoke, the dark Montana sky hung under a thick cloud cover that turned into fat, drippy snowflakes.

Hubs and I rolled over and returned to our dream world.

Next on today’s agenda: an Easter egg hunt with our almost one-year-old grandson on the lawn at a local senior center. See above weather conditions.

We made a huge breakfast instead.

Enticing me now: a HELICOPTER EGG DROP at the Hope Church. Yes, seriously. According to the newspaper, they plan to drop 5,000 eggs onto eagerly waiting kids and parents. I envision ovate-shaped missiles careening to earth from several hundred feet in the air, aimed at a crowd of humans who must have given no thought to their peril.

WMDs right here in Montana? Then again, I guess it’s better than dropping guns for the kiddos to play with, but not by much. The lawyer side of me hopes Hope Church has vast liability coverage.

So, here I am at the computer, Alice the Labrador, at my feet, Cairn terriers asleep by the fire, cats snoozing in their kitty condo, and adult kids (with grandson) are on their way for an afternoon viewing of Interstellar and then dinner. Hubs, newly retired and growing bored, prepares a charred lamb and eggplant dish with date-yogurt chutney. http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1013780-charred-lamb-and-eggplant-with-date-yogurt-chutney

Yes, we love to eat.

Weather and bizarre Easter events aside, lazy days like this, filled with family, food, laughter, and love, never fail to astound and humble me. I thank the Universe every day, knowing how very blessed I am to live and write in Montana among the best bunch of humans and critters on the planet.

Happy Spring!!

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