Happy Mother’s Day!

By Kathy Dunnehoff

Spring Break with girls 2015





With my girls, Grace & Ava!

Happy Mother’s day to all the women who have cared for and about others. I feel confident that’s all of us!

We may not have all held a crying baby all night, but we’ve still mothered plenty. We’ve hugged and held hands, gotten after and gotten silly with the people we love. We’ve said, “I understand.” Or “I don’t understand, but I want to.” And when completely necessary, “Knock that off right now!”

I hope too that we’ve let others mother us on occasion. I hope that we’ve cried and complained to someone who takes our side no matter what and later is honest enough to tell us we have the power to change what needs changing.

I hope that we all have someone in our lives who won’t let us get away with being too hard on ourselves or saying, “I’m fine” when we’re not, or settling for less than we deserve.

 This Mother’s Day may we keep on sharing our unique gifts with others and also happily accept a few in return.


P.S. If you’re in the Flathead Valley, join me on Wednesday May 13th at 6:00 at the Lakeside Library for a talk on “Agents, Editors, and Amazon… Oh, My!”

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