Accountability Partner

Ann Minnett MWW photoBy Ann Minnett

Most people understand that accountability keeps us on track toward our goals, but it can be tricky. Accountability is effective when worked in small bites toward larger goals. Writing is no exception.

Critique groups (I participate in two) keep me accountable for writing quality and volume. Week by week, my critique buddies make me finish what I start. There’s nothing like a deadline (i.e., critique meeting) to make me produce written pages. Of course, agent and editor deadlines also work wonders. The problem? Sometimes our writing goals loom like immense boulders, too overwhelming to address. For example: I will write a novel by the end of the year vs I will write the first scene of my novel by Saturday.

Path Less Traveled

That’s where accountability partners can help, and lucky me, in keeping with the Mother’s Day theme of this month, my accountability partner is my daughter. She lives on the east coast and for the past three months has experienced change in both her personal and professional lives. She’s a planner, so back in January she asked if I would be her accountability partner through her transitions. Of course!

Every Friday we review our individual goals for the week, progress made, and what we propose for the upcoming week. We support one another and make suggestions when one of is stuck. My goals originally focused on finishing the first draft of my third novel (done!), but recent goals have included making time for meditation and increased exercise. Her goals at first emphasized a comprehensive job search but soon included carving out downtime each day.

I encourage you to find another person who will keep you accountable in whatever you chose to do.

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