A Memory in the Making

P1000686 On May 25, Memorial Day, my daughter drove 120 miles to make this year’s cemetery run with me. I started doing this with my mom when I was in the fifth grade. Then Elmer covered her spot after she passed. And now, it is my daughter who faithfully travels so we can remember our loved ones.

First, we drove to Conrad Cemetery and put a potted mum on my great-grandma Elsie, then we stopped by Shopko and did some looking around in the garden department, Deanna’s favorite place to snoop at fun yard stuff. She bought a ceramic croaking toad to put in her flower bed, and off we went

We headed twenty miles north to Woodland Cemetery in C-Falls. That darn toad croaked with every turn, bump, and pass all the way. We got tickled. This year we had a croaking toad to make the run with us. We decorated Elmer. Alan, Mom, Dad, Grandpa and my baby. Got back into the car to croaking.  More belly laughs.

Then we drove to Hwy 93 and down to Glacier Memorial, (say thirty miles or so) and decorated Howard and Buella Buck, my best high-school friend’s parents. That dang toad croaked all the way there and then to my home. Before driving back to Plains, Deanna removed the toad’s battery. I still chuckle at how quickly she tore off the packaging.

I liked to say some expansive, grand piece of wisdom about our yearly journey to pay respect, but I think the croaking toad says it all. Enjoy the moment.

Marie f Martin

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