January Book News

Happy New Year! It’s a bright, chilly day here in NW Montana, and we’re all thinking of the year ahead, in writing and reading. And we’re grateful for all of you readers, taking this journey with us.

Marie F MartinI also say Happy New Year to all the readers of Montana Novels in this past year.  I have no idea how many that encompasses, but at our monthly meetings we hear about the success of our writers.  We are always grateful and  clap for each other.  The lonely, busy author needs that kinship.

Thank you, readers for the gift of pleasure we receive when a book of ours is read.

Marie F Martin

From all of us to all of you, Happy New Year! May 2016 bring you peace and joy, and all the good books you can possibly devour!

Leslie BudewitzMontana Women Writers 009

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