Any Writer Can Thrive Here

Ann Minnett MWW photo Ann Minnett

The community of writers comes through again!

Christine Carbo, local author of the Glacier Mystery Series, is a busy woman. Her third book in the series, The Weight of Night, comes out this June, and she is set to write at least two more. She also owns a Pilates studio and has a family.

Montana Women Writers invited Christine to speak in December about her publishing experiences and how to capture an agent’s interest. Despite her busy schedule, she offered to help me with a (dreaded) query letter to agents. I took her up on the offer. I sent her drafts of my letter and synopsis for Don’t Tell Zane, and we met last week to discuss.

Her willingness to help another writer embodies the generosity among authors in the Flathead. Any writer can thrive in the environment of trust and support we enjoy here. We aren’t in competition. If I ever achieve a ‘place of prominence’ as a writer, I hope to share my knowledge just as generously.

Les DiaboliquesLes DiaboliquesLes Diaboliques

By the way, Christine’s the one who suggested my novels fit into the Domestic Suspense genre. I’ve read and enjoyed suspense novels for years, not knowing some were Domestic Suspense. My research proved her to be spot on, and I intend to market Don’t Tell Zane and my current WIP to those readers.

Thanks, Christine, and thank you to this amazing community of writers.


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One thought on “Any Writer Can Thrive Here

  1. For twenty years, I have found our valley’s eclectic group of writers to be the most supportive group I’ve ever known. And we have so many experts in so many fields, it’s like having your own Mastermind Group an email or phone call away.
    Deb E

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