This Really Happened

Ann Minnett MWW photoBy Ann Minnett

twitter-facebook-together-exchange-of-informationI have two Twitter accounts—one for the exchange of writing-related information
(@ann_minnett) and a new account I use to vent about politics and controversial topics with like-minded tweeters. I won’t share the name of the second for obvious reasons, but I swear I’m not too mean and rarely malign a part of someone’s anatomy, for example, or post mocking photos. Just saying.

A woman I admire and follow on the political account BLOCKED me over the weekend, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. The woman has thousands of followers while my political followers number in the double digits. She and I share beliefs, vocabularies, and passions, so why did she block me? Was it something I tweeted? I created the political account precisely not to annoy others but simply to express myself. I went back through my recent tweets to determine what I said to offend her. I found nothing. Next, I schemed ways to ask her why. I felt jilted.

Bottom line, she hurt my feelings.

It occurs to me (and you’re likely way ahead of me) that my thin-skinned sensitivities aren’t meant to be shared on social media. There’s a saying among my friends: Your opinion of me is none of my business, but my opinion of you could kill me.

twitter poster

Fine. To the woman who blocked me: I forgive your lapse in judgment about me, and I’m letting go of you and political Twitter to save my sanity. The fiery love affair between politics and social media is not for me.

I deleted my political rant twitter account today, but please follow me @ann_minnett, and I’ll return the follow.




2 thoughts on “This Really Happened

  1. I have two facebook accounts, one personal and one author. I’ve had a couple friends unfollow me on the personal account which gets pretty political at times. Some of them are even liberals who just don’t want to see the anti-Trump posts. People are uncomfortable with them for different reasons, some have family members who voted for Trump, others just don’t want to be riled up even if they agree. It doesn’t bother me, because as friends they still get notifications and check in on those when they want to. For me, it’s about expressing how I want the country to be.
    Could you just ask the woman why she blocked you? It might be a matter of her objecting to something she thought was fake news. Karen

  2. Friendships are being lost, and your blog is a good reminder of just how important friendships are. We may differ in our political views, but never should we let them divide us. I am sorry your feelings were hurt.

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