The Perks of Turning 65

This month I’m celebrating two milestones. First, our family has lived in the beautiful Flathead Valley full-time for 24 years, and I’m turning 65 in a couple of days. With that in mind, I decided to focus on the positive and make a list of 8 reasons to celebrate reaching this peak. Some of y’all will understand these reasons now. Younger folks, trust me, you will in time.

1. I’m now eligible for senior discounts and they are everywhere—at eateries, movies,  retail stores, national parks, and more.
2. Eligible for Medicare: The great, the good, and the blasted donut hole
3. If I have an argument with my husband, it’s not a big deal because twenty minutes later neither of us will remember the argument, much less what we argued about.
4. I feel free to say, “No” and not give an excuse.
5. When someone tells me I look like I’m in my fifties, I take it as a compliment.
6. I no longer feel guilty about taking a nap when I feel the need.
7. Gray is my new favorite color.
8. I’m quicker to forgive and ask for forgiveness from others (including forgiving myself)

At 65, I don’t know if I feel young at heart, but I definitely feel young in my mind (not so much in my bones). I’m happy when I recall my life experiences, even the bad ones. I have more confidence, as there can be no substitute for decades of experience. Like my old cast iron skillet, I feel seasoned by the bounty, the lessons, and the challenges 65 years of living have given me. And like that skillet, I’m worn, but still strong and ready for whatever life serves up next.

Thanks for stopping by ~~ Deborah


Deborah Epperson

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