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Cookie Crumbles


Oh, July! So beautiful in Montana. The one month of the year where I’ve never seen snow fall in the valley where most of the Montana Women Writers live. So why am I celebrating Christmas? Because my new book, which came out June 8, is not just a gift for me and, I hope, for readers. It’s a Christmas mystery! AS THE CHRISTMAS COOKIE CRUMBLES is the 5th Food Lovers’ Village Mystery, starting on Decorating Day, when the village dresses up for the season, and ending on Christmas Eve. I’m still grinning over what Publishers Weekly said of it: “Clean-as-a-whistle dialogue, endearing characters, and a solid plot make this cozy a winner.”

And the launch fun continues. I’ll be at the North Lake County Library in Polson at 5:30 pm on Wed, July 18, and at Fact & Fiction in Missoula the evening of Wed, July 25, when we’ll celebrate Christmas in July. Because why should December have all the fun?

Merry Christmas, and I hope to see you soon!



Thursday – JULY 19 – 4-7 pm



615 Nucleus Avenue in Columbia Falls 

Find hot new summer reads at a book signing party at Bad Rock Books. Join popular local authors Karen Wills, Debbie Burke, Marie Martin, and Dr. Betty Kuffel for refreshments, fun and a look at their new books.

The Best Revenge

by Catherine Browning

Andra Ames believes she is all alone in the world with no family, no friends, no job, and no home. Circumstances force her to claim an inheritance property she has never seen in northwest Montana. Once there she discovers there is a condition to retaining it: she must marry within the next five months or forfeit her inheritance. Someone else wants the property as well and threatens Andra with increasing violence to relinquish her rights.

Determined to do whatever it takes to keep the dream property on Flathead Lake and to change her friendless state, Andra ventures out into town, meeting locals whose friendliness pushes past her barriers. She accepts a position with the Biological Station working with the new marine biologist who will be researching reports of a mysterious creature or monster in the lake.

Andra is shocked when she discovers that her neighbor is actually her great-uncle and that her mother is alive and living in the area. Can a change of address change a life? Will Andra find a way to keep her new home and find her family?

Is there really a monster in the lake?

Available now at Amazon Kindle.

Facebook: Catherine Browning Books


New Books by Betty Kuffel

July is a banner month for Betty Kuffel with the publication of not one, but three new books! Kindle editions launched in January, but now, all three are in paperback and available for a summer read. Are you ready for some excitement?

In a medical thriller series, adventuresome ER physician and pilot Dr. Kelly McKay nearly loses her life during ER residency. Deadly Pyre is set in Seattle at a large university hospital. In Deadly Spin, Kelly escapes to Alaska. Here is a review of Deadly Spin by D. Burke, author of Instrument of the Devil: “Whether the setting is the ER or the remote Alaskan wilds, Dr. Betty Kuffel writes gripping medical scenes that put the reader right beside the patient fighting for life. Deadly Spin weaves a tale about risky bush flying, sled dogs, colorful characters, and danger.”

Alaska Flight is a romantic adventure set in Alaska with flight nurse Liz Elliot and a bush pilot doctor. A five-star Amazon review: “This fast-paced novel reads like an action movie. I have never been to Alaska, but felt like I was there, I would highly recommend this book for anyone who wants a little adventure.”

The new books and my three others will be available at the Bad Rock book party on July 19th. Hope to see you there.




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