Gifts for Writers!

By Kathy Dunnehoff

Maybe you have a writer on your holiday list, or maybe you’re a writer who would like to treat yourself. (It’s been a tough year. You deserve it!)

But how many coffee mugs can one person use?

Okay, a lot. But let me tell you about some other items that I love and use. I’m not going to list where to get these things since you are all able to do an internet search in about two seconds, so let’s get to it…

My favorite office purchase ever? Well, I bought one of those yoga balls you sit on, and instead I ended up doing more rolling than writing. Then I found a chair frame that you can put the yoga ball into, and it’s awesome! My back feels great, and if I’m bored, I can bounce on it like an elementary school kid.

What else do I rely on almost every day? My writing calendar. I get mine free from anyone who is giving them away in December, but treat your writing friend or yourself to a really nice one. There are encouraging ones and gorgeous ones. I’ve seen some that made me laugh out loud in the store. Pick the one that will make 2021 a great writing year. I use mine by writing down how many words I finish each day and then I put a…

Sticky star in the box! You think a sticky star won’t motivate you, but I can guarantee you it will. None of us have forgotten the joy of seeing a star on our work. Make it happen again!

And while you’re stocking up on office supplies that kick it up a notch, get three-hole-punched copy paper for your three ring binders. Do not try to punch your own because the holes will never line up, and you’re worth the extra few dollars.

Also, give decent pens a chance while you’re at it. I may be happy to pick up a free calendar, but I do not write with freebie pens. It’s gel ink for me, and while we all get to define what we think makes a great pen, I will arm wrestle for a Pilot G-2 07 Fine point.

What else is on my gift-giving/gift-receiving list? I have to say I will buy just about anything with a typewriter on it! I wrote on one for years and do not miss the experience, but I love the nostalgic look of them. Things with typewriters on them I’ve treated myself to over the years? Notebooks, t-shirts, a rhinestone pin, a birdhouse, a picture frame, and several coffee mugs… because you really can’t have too many of those!

Happy Holidays!

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