Sunday Falls


A late day in October found us wandering along a backroad. This particular backroad was leading us to our destination, Sunday Falls. We had decided to take this drive, for the day was sunny, though a bit chilly.  One could see their breath in the air, on this fall day. The colors of the trees were displayed in their full regalia, a slight breeze in the air making leaves quiver, giving the illusion of gold glitter, as the leaves caught the sun’s rays reflecting the light. We were following Sunday Creek up this road and finally found the trail that would lead us to the falls. Upon parking and dispersing from the truck, we could hear the voice of the waters as it moved. It was a medium sized creek and flowing fairly fast–green in color, but not real deep, for one could see the bottom clearly.

Moving up the trail, I was stuck by the sheer size and age of the trees, one person could not wrap their arms around their enormous old trunks. And so tall, as I craned my neck back to see, they were sweeping the very sky, swaying in the winds that play in the heavens. Climbing ever higher on the trail, as it wound its way deeper into the forest, following the creek, one could hear the rushing sound of the water as it cascaded over the rocks that formed the falls. At the end of the trail we were greeted by a green colored pool, created by the drift logs pushed over the falls, a natural dam. The pressure of the falls pushing the water ever forward, came between the logs and created mini falls.

Looking closer we discovered there were ice crystals, created by the splashing water and the crispness of the day. These crystals were formed along the side of the falls, clinging to the branches that were overhanging the banks. They were also on the drift logs at the end of the pool.  Each crystal was unique in its shape and size, some hanging, long in shape, some formed along the small limbs of the logs. Each created by the spray of falling water.  One could see the water droplets in these crystals as each had been formed.

This was a new experience for me, to witness the creativity and wonder of  nature and how the water formed these beautiful ice sculptures. We spent quite a bit of time in this place, reluctant to leave, knowing we would not have the same experience again.

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