Book News – Publish Your Novel in 2022

by Betty Kuffel

The New Year is here and there are some exciting opportunities on the horizon to help meet your writing goals and get your work published in 2022. Maybe like me, you have queried many agents and haven’t found a fit for your manuscript. Two opportunities caught my attention recently and I plan to try both.

THE FIRST is very exciting and offers an opportunity for traditional publishing through the Berkley Open Submission Program, part of Penguin Random House. Authors can submit directly via this channel without an agent. The search for new work is broad, including romance, women’s fiction, mystery, suspense/thrillers, horror, science fiction, and fantasy. There is a limited time window so check it out soon.

Berkley Open Submission Program requirements include: a 1-page synopsis, the first ten pages of the manuscript, an author bio and a query letter with links to your social media platforms. Here is the link for details:

THE SECOND is Draft2Digital:

To use this method of publication and or distribution, if you are published on Amazon KDP and on the Select program, you must opt out of Amazon Kindle Select. Be sure you uncheck the KDP Select box before you apply.

This is a self-publishing program with broad support. A friend has used it and is ecstatic with the powerful tools. It can perform help with layout, publishing, distribution, and print-on-demand paperbacks.

If you are in need of finalizing a synopsis, query letter or bio, check out Jane Friedman’s “Resources for Writers”

Best wishes for the New Year.

Betty Kuffel

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