A Puppy at My Age?

By Ann Minnett

Many of our group will be writing about pets this month. I have featured dogs in each of my three novels because having a dog is a quality of life issue.



Meet Boone to the Bone, our new Aussie. Who wouldn’t love this face? We sure do, and it’s a good thing, too. In the 25 years since we last had a puppy, a woman can forget their lightning speed and curiosity, not to mention needle puppy teeth. My thin-skinned arms look like I’ve been in a knife fight.

He could live 15 years. We did the math. Holy cow! He will keep us moving throughout the rest of his and our lives.

March Madness

March Madness is the theme for our first-week blog this month. Such a juicy topic. How many mishaps will be confessed? Mine was a simple piece of idiocy. I stopped by the eye clinic to pick up my new glasses and wore them when I left. After pulling into traffic, I decided I should not be driving with the new glasses. Things looked a little wavy. I took them off and laid them on top of my purse and made it home just fine. When I pulled into the garage, my cocker spaniel(Katy Lou) jumped into the front seat before I could grab my glasses and one of her big paws lit right on the glasses and broke the temple from the lens. Wauk! Good grief. My brand new $465 glasses were injured. I put Katy in the house and drove back down to the clinic, and they figured they could reset the temple. Couple hours later I picked them up. Katy is very thankful that they are as good as new, and no charge. Wow, what more will this month hold?
Katy She is a picture of innocence. Marie F Martin