And Now for Something Different

Ann Minnett MWW photoBy Ann Minnett


I had the great pleasure to take Kathy Dunnehoff’s Screenwriting class at FVCC in May. She’s taught for twenty-five years but still managed to be enthusiastic and involved with our class. Great feedback and handouts, too! Guest speaker Dennis Foley was a plus.

Kathy inspired me to give screenwriting a try.

I use Scrivener for my novels, and it features a scriptwriting template. Even with that assist, the screenwriting format is initially clunky, and I tend to add details of a novel (a big NO). Nonetheless, I’m writing a screenplay based on my second novel, Serita’s Shelf Life. The novel is funny, sad and sometimes crazy, but readers love the main character. She might translate well to film. About a third of the way into the story, her flamboyance is coming through on the script’s pages.

We’ll see if I have the aptitude. In the meantime, this writer’s having fun getting back into Serita’s head and imagining her on the big screen.


The Storyteller Doll

By Ann Minnett

My sister, Ginny Merett, is an artist. I can’t describe all the media in which she works, but my favorites are her watercolors and haunting collages. Here is something fun she made for me when I got serious about writing. The Storyteller doll is holding two babies, recounting her tale. I keep it on my desk as a reminder that I am a storyteller and how lovely it is to have a sister, talented or otherwise.


The Storyteller has held my business cards, interestingly shaped rocks from a hike, you name it. For the past few weeks she’s displayed this “Never Apologize for Your Art” pin. When I begin to censor an authentic thought or expression while writing, The Storyteller’s message keeps me on my path.

Both of my novels will be offered as free downloads in the coming days. Check them out!

Burden of Breath Cover - Minnett




Burden of Breath is free on October 19th & 20th (4.2 average stars in 148 reviews).


Serita’s Shelf Life will be free this week on October 16th & 17th (only 3 5-star reviews so far).

My Dance with Agents

By Ann Minnett

Would I like to have a fat contract with a large publishing house? Yes, I would. But I don’t.

I did give Serita’s Shelf Life one last chance at representation by contacting almost seventy agents. I limited contacts to legit agents accepting email submissions in my genre. Three or four rejections came back within hours. Most dribbled in over a few days. Some agents would never contact me as they made clear on agency websites.

About a month later, two agents wanted to read my entire manuscript! I was thrilled because no professional had ever asked to read more of my work. Both let me down gently, and one included a personal note of support.

Another week elapsed with no further responses. If I held onto that manuscript another week, I’d revise chapter numbers, change tense on Serita’s POV, or something equally compulsive, so I self-published Serita’s Shelf Life in late August. Then two more agents requested my manuscript. What?! After a walk in the woods I realized it didn’t matter. Self-publishing is my path, and an agent’s validation or rejection can’t change that.

Oh, I love maturing as a person and writer. BTW Serita’s Shel Life is available in print or as an ebook.


August Book News

Congratulations to Leslie Budewitz and Gail Ranstrom! Readers of the Bigfork Eagle voted Leslie “Best Local Author” and Gail “Runner Up”!

Dates to remember:

August 10: National S’mores Day

August 14: Julia Child’s Birthday

And a few additions from us:



Join Leslie Budewitz at the Bigfork Festival of the Arts, in the village of Bigfork, on Sat-Sun, August 2-3, and at Huckleberry Days in Whitefish on August 8-10. She’ll chat mysteries and sign copies of her Agatha-Award winning first mystery, Death al Dente, and her new release, already a national bestseller, Crime Rib.




Book News by Marlette Bess


The Real Christian Grey (Conversations between Christian Grey and Dr. John Flynn) was submitted to at the end of June. Since that time I have posted two more installments with more to come. I’ve had people from around the world read my work and also have nearly forty active followers. Please read my August blog about my experiences in navigating the fan fiction website and the benefit of feedback I’ve received.


From Ann Minnett:

Burden of Breath Cover - MinnettBurden of Breath will be offered as a free download on Amazon August 6th & 7th. Check out my 4.3 average stars in 142 reviews!





Look for my second novel, Serita’s Shelf Life, to be released in late August 2014. More info on or

FINAL TURQUOISE FONT COVER“Serita has gone off her medications for bipolar disorder to become a more interesting person and find love.”


Two Thoughts on July 4th

Ann Minnett MWW photoBy Ann Minnett

I have two thoughts on July 4th.

One of the best memories of my childhood occurred every year on the Fourth of July. The University of Denver set off spectacular fireworks that could be seen for miles. We did not park the car along the old Valley Highway or in the University Hills Shopping Center parking lot to view the show. My family climbed onto the roof of our post-war bungalow and stretched out on the still warm shingles in the cool evening to watch the fireworks shoot over our heads.

My husband returns from a 10-day raft trip in Idaho this July 4th. I’m writing this during the six days in which we have no phone or internet contact. Good grief! My daughter spent a year in Afghanistan, and thanks to satellite phones, we chatted every few days. I’ve spent most of my life without cell phones, Google or Twitter, so radio silence with my husband seems oddly peaceful before the storm.

I look forward to The Fourth. He’ll have a week’s adventures to share, and so will I. He doesn’t know: Old friends from Dallas showed up in town after four years; I dressed and arrived at a neighborhood party that wasn’t; I figured out the sprinkling system and he didn’t have to worry (because I know he has); his absence allowed me long uninterrupted hours for launching my second novel; and absence really does make the heart grow fonder.