August Book News

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                                                     August –  a great time to read



LESLIE BUDEWITZ: solaceofbayleavesLike a lot of you, I had trouble settling down to read in March and April, but I’ve been making up for it since then! Since travel opportunities are curtailed, I’ve particularly enjoyed traveling on the page. Books have taken me to Paris, the Breton Coast of France, New Orleans, a lakefront dark sky park in Michigan, and Dustbowl Oklahoma!

If you’re in the mood for a little armchair travel, take a trip to Seattle with me in The Solace of Bay Leaves, the 5th Spice Shop mystery,  out July 21 in ebook and audio. (Paperback coming in October. Seventh St. Books/Tantor Audo. Buy links here.) Pepper Reece never expected to find her life’s passion in running the Seattle Spice Shop. But when evidence links a friend’s shooting to an unsolved murder, her own regrets surface. Can she uncover the truth and protect those she loves, before the deadly danger boils over?

Stay cool. Stay safe. Stay home, with your nose in a good book!


erler where the world ends


Young Dain and his brother Evin have been pulled through the GAP into a distant future by a strange old man.  He insists they must help overcome an evil Red Dragon who threatens not only their world, but the entire Galaxy.   Meanwhile, in the 31st Century, Martina’s past depression has come back to haunt her.  She flees to the System, putting herself and all her family in jeopardy.  Will the boys from the 21st Century be able to help save her?  Will anyone survive what is turning into a battle for all time?

The last book in M.F. Erler ‘s series The Peaks at the Edge of the World available now ebook and paperback at


February Book News

deer heartThe heart of winter — crisp, cold, and full of surprises.

Here’s what’s new at Montana Women Writers:

Assault and PepperLESLIE BUDEWITZ is getting ready for the launch of her new series, the Seattle Spice Shop Mysteries, with ASSAULT and PEPPER, out March 3 from Berkley Prime Crime. (Available for pre-order now at your independent bookseller and all the usual online sources.) If you’d like to catch up with her on her book tour or follow her blog tour, check her website  for her schedule and sign up for her seasonal newsletter. (The website may be down temporarily for a few days for updates, but watch for a new and improved site soon, at!)


Betty Kuffel completed two books recently.

Secrets of Loon Lake is the first of a series of cozy mysteries set in Northern Minnesota lakeIMG_8960 country in the 1960’s. Betty and her co-author sister Bev completed the first draft between March and July of 2014. Fine tuning and revisions are nearly complete. They will publish on Amazon.

Fatal Feast is a contemporary medical thriller about an aggressive variant of mad cow disease. Terrorists penetrate a high risk research lab in Montana intent on spreading the disease into the world food supply.  She will submit agent queries and if there is no interest, will go with Kindle and Create Space for publication.