5 Gifts To: YOU From: YOU

By Kathy Dunnehoff

The day after Valentine’s Day you may have leftover chocolate…

lucy and ethel chocolate

or flowers you’re still enjoying, but why not put yourself on the February gift list?

Here are my 5 suggestions for presents To: YOU  From: YOU…

  1. Watch Amy Cuddy’s TED talk on body language. It’s moving and wonderful and may just change your life.
  1. You know how bubble baths are yawningly common? Step it up with bath salts. I make my own for next to nothing with Epsom salt and a scented oil.
  1. Spend 30 minutes with the combination of your choosing: A beverage + A comfortable spot + Something you love to read.
  1. Look in the mirror once today and do not laser in on something you don’t like. Appreciate something you love. You can do this!
  1. You know the red cars phenomenon? If I suggest that you notice red cars, you’ll suddenly see them everywhere. Well, make a list of 3 things that make you happy and actively look for them. My 3 right now are: 1. Seeing signs of spring.  2. Moments when I’m laughing with my family.  3. Times when the writing flows.

Happy post Valentine’s Day gifting to you!

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Heart Matters

Karen Wills

In the Heart of the Heart of the Country, Hearts in Atlantis, Any Human Heart, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter…. Titles that include “heart” or “hearts” always cause me to investigate the book, play, or movie. Some words just carry strong connotative attraction, appealing because of our prior associations.

Heart means life, love, spirit, or soul. The word’s archaic origin includes encouragement and sympathy. It also can refer to the deepest part, the heart of the matter. Valentine’s Day finds us awash in cards with hearts, candy hearts, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, or, sadly, home listening to sad songs about broken hearts. Valentine hearts are usually red, taking us back to our life’s blood that our hearts keep pumping along, hopefully for years and years. Two people who are dear to me are each facing heart surgery in the near future. My heart goes out to them. They are brave, fragile, and cherish life.

When it comes to hearts, the quality I value most is that the heart is true: faithful and loving. I’m lucky enough to have found such an invaluable heart and married its owner. So I gave him my heart forever.

Happy Valentine’s Day!Antique Valentine 1909 01.jpg


Love Lives Here

We are the original star-crossed lovers!  Fifty-eight years ago we got reacquainted, engaged, married and began our journey.  Now we are entering our eightieth year celebrations…your birthday on Valentine’s Day and mine in July.  What a trip it is and how grateful I am that you decided to call me on that day in May.


Live Free My Love

My heart is wide open these days

When I look at you.

You feel so warm and close

So nearly dearly a part of me.

Even when we’re not touching

Your essence surrounds me.

Deep sounds of you rumble through my body

Vibrating the core of me.

My silence is shattered with a song

Elevating the day from silence to nonsense.

Songs speaking your mood, your thoughts

With lyrics revealing a being unclothed,

A public man of hidden passions

Wearing a cloak of laughter and control

Over pain lodged beneath a shield of

Casual concern masking the buried

Need for Yes to your dreams

And cheering your vision ever onward.

You are so elegantly human.

So overflowing with a child’s love.

Wanting to burst through reserve,

Wanting to dance and sail on the moon,

Wanting to float balloons at the center of the world,

Wanting love and joy and…

Dobish Torte.

Live free, My Love.

Ina Albert-Secher, February 2015

Valentine’s Day Birthday Message