December Book News

We’re busy holidaying!

M. Frances Erler is having a BOOK SIGNING at Bad Rock Books in Columbia Falls


Check out her brand new offerings. Each sale puts you in a drawing for a

gift certificate to MONTANA COFFEE TRADERS!

September Book News



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Join Author Susan Purvis Tuesday October 2nd

for her official book launch of Go Find.

It’s going to be a festive affair with book signing, music, snacks.

 Reading and Discussion.

A free drink to book purchasers.

Where: Casey’s Whitefish 101 Central Ave. Whitefish, Montana

Time:  6 pm doors open-Book signing, music. 

 7:15 pm Discussion with Susan and Whitefish Review editor Brain Schott and Keith Liggett about her memoir, the writing process and life and love. Q &A for audience.

8:30 pm Book signing and music.


NEWS! ANNOUNCING: Go Find will be released early for Flathead River Writers Conference Sept 22nd.  Ten days before general public. On sale at the conference.

Betty Kuffel, Author

Betty’s Book News for September5-6-2018-deadly-pyre-new-front-cover.jpg

Deadly Pyre is book one of the Kelly McKay  medical thriller series. It will be available as a free Kindle on Amazon September 28, 29 and 30th. Please take advantage of the free book and share the information with your friends.

Amazon link

In this book, Dr. Kelly McKay struggles to complete her ER residency at Seattle’s Harbor Medical Center. Ferocious competition, burnout and an unpredictable lover complicate her life. Besides unexplained deaths of patients under her care jeopardizing her career, a sudden increase in stabbing victims points to a serial killer stalking women near the hospital. Will Kelly be next?



The Schadenfreude/Freudenschade Resolution

Karen Wills
Remember Iago, the arch villain in Shakespeare’s Othello? The one who framed Desdemona so that her husband, believing she’d committed adultery, strangled her? The seed for that crime of passion grew from Iago’s hatred of seeing others happy. He acted according to one of human nature’s darker aspects, schadenfreude.
Well, Shakespeare understood humanity in all its good and bad facets. Schadenfreude is a close cousin to envy. Freudenschade is even worse: taking satisfaction in someone else’s misfortune.
Last year, having been the victim of, and also having seen glimmers of these disgusting reactions in myself a time or two (OK, maybe more), I resolved to eradicate schadenfreude/freudenschade from my life. To my great wonder and relief, I’ve been able to keep that resolution. I did it by catching myself whenever I slipped into such thinking, or sensed that I was even in its presence. I did it by reflecting on how my friends’, family members’, and acquaintances’ achievements and windfalls not only benefited them, but added to my experience, knowledge, and pleasure. Bad things happening to one hurt us all in some measure.
I supported and shared with intent. Being close in good times and bad cements relationships and deepens understanding. Iago failed to gain anything good for himself by his meanness. Healthy human interaction is about true empathy. Shakespeare understood how a generous heart can erase unhealthy emotional borderlines. I intend to expand on this generous heart business in 2015.





Springtime in Montana

The first day of spring is one thing, and the first
spring day is another. The difference between them is
sometimes as great as a month.

Henry Van Dyke (1852–1933)

Springtime in Montana can be both a pleasure and a pain. You can go to bed having enjoyed a bright sunny day with temperatures in the mid 50s or 60s, and wake up the next morning to discover you’ve got to dig out that snow shovel again.

Spring is also the rainy season in Montana. The rain is a welcome sight because those of us lucky enough to live in this beautiful land know that every drop of rain we receive helps to lessen the chance for summer wild fires. And for families like mine who depend on a well or developed spring for water, more rain means less chance of dried up wells. However, if you have children or inside pets, more rain means more mud tracked into the house. Don’t worry, this too will pass.

You never know what a Spring Day in Montana will yield, so when you come for a visit or holiday, bring clothes that you can layer throughout the day. We have a saying about Montana weather that if you don’t like this weather, wait five minutes or go five miles and you’re likely to find a change. But whatever the weather brings, I know you’ll be awed by the beauty of this treasured land called Montana.

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