Welcome to Montana Women Writers.

Pour a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and sit down with us. We’re women. We’re writers. We live in the mountains and the valleys of Northwest Montana. Our stories are set close to home and far away. We write mystery, romance, women’s fiction, literary fiction, nonfiction – you read it, we write it.

On our blog, we’ll share the view from here. We’ll talk about what we write and how we write, about what makes us happy and what ticks us off, about
memories and revelations. We’ll chat with each other, with our characters, with other writers – and, we hope, with you.

In short, it’s a conversation among friends about our lives, our work, our thoughts and our feelings.

The women, the words, the view. We hope you enjoy them all.

Check out our Authors, our Books, or our blog, updated weekly by the individual writers who make up our site.

7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Am trying to locate a memoir by a Montana woman; not sure of the exact title but something like ______ ______ and Barbed Wire. Does this ring any bells for you all?
    I loaned my copy several years ago and never got it back; would love to find it again.
    Thanks so much!

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