By Nan McKenzie

Big foot book coverMany years ago, I spent time in an isolated cabin in the wilderness.  Once a week or so, I’d hike two-and-a-half miles through the snow with a small backpack and stay over alone for a night in the cold.  On a sunny April afternoon, I was enjoying the minus 25 degree air, when about halfway to the cabin, I spotted tracks coming down a hill to my right and disappearing past the road, down on my left.  Animal tracks have always intrigued me, studying them, wondering what made them, where they were going.  I couldn’t make much sense of these tracks since there were a few bare patches in the snow and sometimes I’d lose the thread.

I hiked along, cold, but turned around and came back, a thrill of fear racing down my back.  Was that a bear?  And where was it, did it like to eat women alone in the woods?  No, it wasn’t a bear, the tracks were too far apart, at least seven feet, and there were bare toes on the end of them!  They were too narrow, and way too long to belong to a bear’s foot.  I followed them over the hill, across the road, down to where they circled two trees, like a dog might, looking to pee its way around the trunks.  The tracks were close to the trees, way too close.  A bear is too heavy, too round in the middle to get so close to a tree.

I ranged along beside them, following to the creek where the something had stopped, bare toes seen in the snow at the edge of the creek, probably getting a drink from the icy water.  I could see that that it had stepped across the creek, at least ten feet wide, and continued on the opposite hill, climbing up, again, steps about seven feet apart.

It had to be a Bigfoot!  There had been stories told in the local bar about people seeing monsters in the woods, barefoot, ten feet tall, big teeth, long hair, ugly as sin, and with a legendary stink about them, as if they were carrying dead bodies on their back.

I hurried much faster to the cabin, kept looking around, rushed in and locked all the doors.  I’ve never seen one of these creatures in person, but realized that the big noises I’d heard in the night must be monsters and they making the dead smell that was walking around the cabin.  Their voices sounded like slowed-down records, deep and mysterious.

And so I began writing about these fantastic beings, long before I wrote the first Bigfoot novel.  And I met several people who had seen them, describing their experiences as if the listener might not believe them, and shy about telling their fantastic stories.

You don’t have to ask me if I believe that there are creatures different from us in the far-back woods.  I know there are.

The Growing Season

Marie F MartinBy Marie F Martin

Tis the growing season. Mostly I grow flowers like these yellow roses.

Yellow (2)

But this year, I am growing toys by the flowers.

toys (2)

Shoes on the back porch and dogs in the yard.

shoes (2)

Moose and Bear

Moose and Bear

But the biggest surprise of all is my story DON’T MESS WITH MRS. SEDGEWICK is also growing with better scenes and some new ones added. thanks to very capable beta readers and critique partners. As a writer I cannot stress the importance of other eyes on a manuscript.  Thank you all.


June Book News


Every June in Glacier National Park snowplows work to clear
Going to the Sun Road
for the thousands of visitors who drive it each summer.





Saturday, JUNE 4, 2016, 5 – 9 p.m.

Whitefish Library Association, in cooperation with the Whitefish Community Foundation, is sponsoring a Festival of the Book: “Chocolate, Wine, and a Good Book”. On Saturday, June 4, 2016 at Grouse Mountain Lodge in Whitefish, Montana, from 5 to 9 pm there will be yummy refreshments, sparkling beverages, decadent chocolate, and opportunities to meet authors and purchase their new books. The first annual “IN THE SPIRIT OF DOROTHY JOHNSON AWARD” will be given to Carol Buchanan. There is no charge to authors or children. All others will be asked to contribute $10.

Our authors Betty Kuffel, Phyllis Quatman, Karen Cunningham, Ina Albert and Marie F. Martin will be there signing their books.

Come join us for a fun evening.



Marie F. Martin’s book news:

Bad Rock Books bought six autographed paperback copies of her novels to stock in their unique used book store on Nucleus Ave in Columbia Falls, MT.  Besides shelf after shelf of used books, owner Carol Rocks also stocks local Montana authors’ work. She took a few picture of the quaint used book store.

nice store (2)

Cosy nook

Lots and lots of books and a cat.

Lots and lots of books and a cat.

Marie also attended Montana Women Writers meeting on learning how to write a better author’s bio. She wrote this one and it is now posted on her Amazon page.

Marie F. Martin is the author of an intense vow in MATERAL HARBOR, surprising twists of a family’s past in HARBORED SECRETS, a grizzly attack and lover’s spat in RATHAM CREEK. Together her three thriller, mystery, or suspense novels have over 420,000 Kindle downloads and 613 five star reviews.

Marie lives in a fertile valley at the base of the Rocky Mountains. She enjoys a quiet life where laughter comes easy, love easier. She invites you to join in her rich, rural memories on her website where she has posted a memoir of her early childhood and raising her own family of four children.

This inspired her to update her header photo on both twitter and her Facebook author’s page.

New Book Header

New Book Header

She will be having a free promotion to download Maternal Harbor on June 19 &20, 2016

Also the ongoing title of her new novel is now DON’T MESS WITH MRS. SEDGEWICK. The manuscript in now in the hands of a couple of beta readers.

Marie F Martin