Nan McKenzie, January 25, 2016

The loving month of February is just a hop and a skip away, so my thoughts automatically go to affectionate feelings. I love:
♥ My handsome loving son, caring for his half-paralyzed wife (stroke) with kindness, humor and endless patience.
♥ My beautiful amazing daughter, doing her best to stay happy in her difficult world.
♥ My five grandchildren, Brit, Greg, Brianna, Audrey, Kenzie.
♥ My five great-grandchildren, Drifter, Autumn, Isaiah, Jonah, Rylee.
♥ My three sisters, Faye, Sue, Kona, and their pile of kids, grand-kids, great-grand-kids.
♥ A slew of fun good friends.
♥ Former loves, all the goodness they left me with.
♥ My house, always my sanctuary, my comfortable home.
♥ My co-workers, fine men and women all, who do the right thing always, not the easy thing.
♥ Montana, the best-kept secret in the fifty states. All it lacks is an ocean to be perfect.
♥ My country, America it is, born in struggle and genius, carried on by the best of people, always looking to find the best way, the kind way.
♥ My amazing memories of a long life lived with an eye to having adventures, not just surviving.

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