August Book News

New from Lise McClendon!

A new Bennett Sisters Mystery arrived at the end of July from Montana author Lise McClendon, a sequel to her original trilogy “Birds of a Feather” Here is the publisher’s description:

A wintry Welsh evening. A house full of relatives, hangers-on, and malcontents. A British/French family hosts Elise Bennett, and gets the extra benefit of two of her sisters. Will Twelfth Night ever arrive for these revelers? A holiday to remember… and forget.

When Elise Bennett, youngest of the five sisters, is invited to spend the long holiday break with her new boyfriend, Conor (from ‘Lost in Lavender’) she is thrilled. Who wouldn’t be? A remote Welsh manor house, a chance to mix with the clan, long walks on the snowy hillsides– but things are not so simple in the countryside. Not with this family.

Conor’s brother, Duncan, misbehaves toward Elise, causing two of her sisters to rush in with emotional reinforcements. Then an undesirable French relative arrives, with an entourage. A house that already feels crowded is now bursting with intrigue, day-drinking, bird shoots, and so much cooking. And whining about cooking. When a death breaks the monotony in the kitchen, no one is relieved. Because, at this point, they are all suspects.

BIRDS OF A FEATHER was originally published in three parts: Swan & Peacock, Crazy as a Loon, and Fly the Nest. Read it now as one novel in this compilation, buy the paperback, or listen to the audiobook now available. Available at Amazon:

LESLIE BUDEWITZ: Seriously, how did it get to be August already? I’m as puzzled as you are! I’m also delighted to tell you I’ll be at the Bigfork Festival of the Arts this year, Sat-Sun, August 7-8, in the village of Bigfork, with all my books! I’ve got THREE new books — also hard to believe — since I last participated, in 2019: The Solace of Bay Leaves, the 5th Spice Shop mystery, Carried to the Grave and Other Stories, the 6th Food Lovers’ Village mystery, and Bitterroot Lake, my suspense debut. I hope to see you there, celebrating the artistic bounty of this most beautiful place we call home!

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