Attitude VS Gratitude

Harvest Angel

The wonderful authors belonging to Montana Women Writers decided at our last meeting that for November’s first week blog, we needed to say something about gratitude.  Immediately we all agreed, then one griped about something she was not grateful for.  Soon more chimed in, and amid laughter the decision was made to let our blog fight the battle of Attitude VS Gratitude.  In my house, this Harvest Angel, a gift from my daughter a few years ago, will help me decide.  I have had lots of gripes this past year, like fixing typos in my novel Harbored Secrets, oh but wait, I am grateful I have a novel on line and folks are buying it.  That my middle son had a heart attack, but wait, I got a road trip with my daughter to go see him.  That an error was made on my husband’s grave marker, but wait, it was corrected and exchanged without cost.  That my dog, Katy, needs walking, but wait, I get exercise,  I am still trying to decide which side wins that one.  I could go on and on, but won’t.  You all get the picture.  Gratitude is always near at hand.

(And yes my son is okay. No major damage to his heart and he is back to doing all he did before.)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Marie F. Martin
Marie F Martin_edited-1 (2)

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