March Meditations

ImageBy Ann Minnett

I have found yoga, friends. And rather than beat myself up for not beginning my practice decades ago, I am so grateful to have found it all.

I completed a questionnaire at my first session. It asked me for basic information about myself, injuries that might affect my practice, and the ubiquitous Where did you hear about us? I answered Word of mouth, but the truth was this: I had seen two of their instructors on the main street of our little town and thought, I want what those gorgeous, unfussy, healthy women have. Every woman I know who practices yoga walks with a grace and purpose.

As with any new endeavor, there was much more to be gained than firmed batwings and good posture. I’ve learned the value of meditation. What used to be a waste of time (Let’s get on with the task at hand!), has become my favorite time of day. After practice, meditation is the tingly relief of a quiet body. At home it has become a time of being, listening, and sometimes prayer.

My 21 mile drive into town is a frequent blog topic—a long drive but a shorter distance than my old commute through a large congested city. The lovely drive changes every day as 2014’s Mad March melts our heavy accumulation of snow, ices over, and then snows again.

On my way into yoga this morning, fog hung over the small valley at the base of our long hill, and I was reminded that my drive, this miraculous place that offers yoga to breathtaking scenery, is my source of meditations and peace and well-being.

Burden of Breath will be available for free download March 20-21.

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